Bandung Holiday Trip

Bandung Holiday Trip in New Destinations

Bandung Holiday Trip packages – Let’s enjoy your holiday trip in Bandung Indonesia to visit new tourist destinations for your trip today. Think before visiting new tourist destinations in Bandung may you would find no much facilities and maybe be you should do hiking so to visit new tourist destination in Bandung you should prepare all your trip. For your Bandung holiday trip Diati Tour Bandung would give you the hot news for new tourist destinations in surrounding the city that must be to know before starting trip to Bandung Indonesia.

bandung holiday trip

New Bandung Holiday Trip Must Known

Here list of the new tourist destinations in Bandung Indonesia for your holiday trip

Tebing Keraton Bandung (keraton cliff)

This places offer you beuatiful natural view, if you love photography you should visit Tebing Keraton Bandung before 06.00 a.m to get the best spot or if you could wake up earlier you could choose at afternoon. If you lucky you would get the beautiful spot angle in your tebing keraton cliff.

Bukit Moko / Bukit Bintang Bandung

bukit moko bandung

If you want to see the beautiful Bandung city view from high land you could visit this places in the afternoon, I think the beauty of the city lights and the red tinge sunset in the sky is the best spot that could miss to feel something different view your trip today. I think for the best spot between 05.00 p.m untul 06.00 p.m so how about you? I hope you would be lucky to get the best spot and get the best memmories in your Bandung holiday trip

Stone Garden Bandung Barat + Pawon Cave

What is different stone garden with other places of interest in Bandung? Believe or not stone garden is rocks that lay on top of the hill that formed naturally, who bring the rocks to the top of the hill? Let’s go to the primordial of Bandung lake history. Pawon cave located near with the stone garden Bandung that could be your destinations trip today, get the best sunset spot in Stone Garden Geo Park Bandung.

Sanghyang Heulet, Poek and Tikoro Bandung Barat

Sanghyang Heuleut Bandung Barat located at Saguling lake Bandung Barat, many local tourist come here to get the best natural river view and another activity that could be done is rafting by a plung in the river to visit this place you should walking along the path about 1 hours 30 minutes from parking area. By visiting Sanghyang Heuleut Bandung Barat you could stop in Sanghyang Tikoro Cave and Sanghyang Poek Cave, if you lucky you could take picture in front of Sanghyang Tikoro Cave. Sanghyang Tikoro is river flows so becareful if there are heavy flow of water.

Bandung holiday trip is one our Bandung tour package programs that could be booking by request. To get the best our Bandung holiday package you could contact us or filling online quotation completely. Bandung holiday trip and packages design for you that love natural view and hiking so we assume you have in good health.

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