Bandung Package Tour 2015

bandung tour package

Bandung Package Tour 2015 by Diati Tour

Bandung package tour and trip by Diati Tour & Travel – Bandung is capital of Jawa Barat province, located arround the mountains makes Bandung feel much cooler than other cities in Indonesia. Another name of Bandung are Paris Van Java and Kota Kembang , in weekend lot of people come to Bandung for various reasons such us holidays, shopping, culinary and other reasons. Not only local but also foreign come to Bandung to spend their holidays with their families or friends. Bandung tourist attractions located at the down town, North Bandung and South Bandung, hotels in Bandung evolved quite rapidly that could be used for you stay in Bandung during holidays. If you want to explore more about Bandung you could use one of the tour and travel agent in Bandung Indonesia to make easy your Bandung trip. We offer you a both Bandung ground tour package as well as Bandung tour package inclusive accommodation with reasonable price

North Bandung Package Tour (Lembang Area)

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Tangkuban Perahu & Cimahi waterfall

The most famous tourist destination at North Bandung is Tangkuban Perahu volcano that offer natural tourist attractions in Lembang Bandung Indonesia with the main destination is queen crater (Kawah Ratu) beside this queen crater there are another crater in Tangkuban Perahu Volcano Bandung. From Tangkuban Perahu volcano you could visit Ciater Hot Spring and round the trip to Ciater hot spring you could enjoy unwind at Lembang tea plantations, or just enjoy cikole luwak coffee when return trip, if you have children you could visit Deranch (coboy horse riding tour) then from Deranch you could visit Floating Market Lembang Bandung to enjoy traditional snack, play rowboat, feed the rabbits and more things to do in floating market lembang. Places of interest nearby floating market lembang are Kampung Daun (cafe & culture gallery), Sapu Lidi Resort & cafe,Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, Kampung Gajah Wonderland and Cimahi waterfall (curug Cimahi Bandung). If you want to visit all interesting places at North Bandung maybe you need to allocated more then one day trip.

South Bandung Package (Ciwidey and surrounding)

South Bandung offer you lot of places to visit in your holiday and the most famous is Kawah Putih Volcano Bandung then tea plantations and Patenggang lake (situ patenggang) or Patengan lake (situ patengan) and until to day many local tourist and foreign tourist from singapore and malaysia visit the tourist spot. Nearby Kawah Putih volcano there are ciwalini, cimanggu, ciwidey tea plantations etc, for more information about south Bandung package trip you could read our update Bandung tour blog.

bandung tour package
Wisata Ciwidey Bandung

Bandung city tour package

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Talk about Bandung city can not be separated from mode, culture and cullinary. Many factory outlets in Bandung that must be visited where the Bandung Indonesia factory outlets located at Setiabudhi, Riau Street, Dago and Ahmad yani street for hunting cheap and affordable branded item but if you want to buy in wholase you could visit Pasar Baru Bandung that offering many fashion and accessories that could be sold in your country. Beside shopping places you could visited indoor theme park at trans studio Bandung, trans studio Bandung offers interesting world class games and entertainment. Another places of interest in Bandung are Bandung art deco such as at Braga Street, Gedung Merdeka at Asia-africa street, Gedung Sate at Diponegoro street and another places in Bandung. Further more beside the places listed above there are still another places in Bandung such us bukit keraton (palace hill), bukit moko (moko hill) etc. With our Bandung tour package you could do more in your Bandung trip

Bandung Car Rental Package

There many places of interest in Bandung Indonesia must be visited. In Diati tour you would have private tour, full air conditioner, inclusive parking and fuel/petrol and driver guide (bahasa Indonesia) would help you reach the nice places in Bandung Indonesia. With private tour it’s mean you would have flexibility and effective time to visit points of interest in Bandung Indonesia, enjoy your holiday in Bandung with our Bandung package

Bandung Package Tour Price

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