Bandung Shopping Tour

bandung shopping tour

Bandung shopping tour package

Bandung shopping tour – Bandung has known as shopping paradise in Indonesia, many people come to Bandung for shopping and hunting culinary. You could find many shopping places in some area, so if you want to Bandung without your own vehicle you could hire travel agent in Bandung to visit all the shopping places. You could arrange choose the best shopping tour package according you need, in Diati Bandung shopping tour package starting from 1 day shopping tour package until several days then where are the shopping places in Bandung that must be visit? Keep always following Diati tour and travel blog.

bandung shopping tourBandung factory outlets

Are you looking for retailer a both local and branded fashion items in Bandung without bargain? If yes, Bandung factory outlets is one of Bandung shopping places that must be visited, the factory outlets located in several places in Bandung such us Riau street, Dago street, Setiabudi street etc so that’s why you need Bandung travel agent that could help you to visit all the factory outlets in Bandung. For your Bandung shopping tour you could visit factory outlets at the listed such us rumah mode factory outlets, Lavayette, Zenith, factory outlets store, natural factory outlet, total FU, fiore, distro house, Up Town, Glamour, Episode, donatello, Jetset, level up, grande, victoria, dse, seximo, the secret, stamp, the summit, terminal tas, oasis, renaritti, anak kecil, clever and another Bandung factory outlets. If you visit Bandung for shopping you could choose one our Bandung tour package that starting from 1 day Bandung shopping tour package.

Pasar Baru Bandung

Pasar Baru bandung located at Otto street, as the trade center many people come here to pasar baru Bandung especially on weekend. In Pasar Baru Bandung you could buy textile, fashion and accessories,mukena/telekung, kain sulam etc ,telekung/mukena, hijab fashion furthermore more items that you purcashed more discount that could be get. Not only local tourist but also foreign tourist visit Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung furthermore you could customize your Bandung shopping tour package with us.

Bandung shopping mall

Beside Pasar Baru Trade Bandung and Factory outlets there are Bandung shopping mall for the famous Bandung shopping mall such us Paris Van Java Mall, Trans Studio Mall, Bandung Indah Plaza, Cihampelas walk nearby denim street. You could hunting branded item in the mall or just hang out with your family and friend. If you want to shopping at Bandung shopping mall you could use our Bandung shopping tour package.

Cibaduyut Leather Market

Anybody looking for leather in Bandung? Cibaduyut located nearby bus station, if you have south Bandung trip you could go to Cibaduyut. Cibaduyut leather market is the central of leather in Bandung where in this place you could hunting accessories that made from leather, if you lucky you would get cheap original leather in this places. With our Bandung shopping tour package you could ask our driver to come here in your south Bandung trip.

Other Bandung shopping tour package

Another Bandung shopping places above in our Bandung tour package you could request to another shopping places in Bandung and nearby such us rumah mukena/telekung/fabric, ahmad yani textile and tailor, cibaduyut textile and other shopping places in Bandung.

Bandung shopping tour Price

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