Bandung Tour Package 2017

bandung tour package 2017

Bandung Tour Package 2017

Bandung tour package 2017 – Where do you want to go in Indonesia on your vacation in 2017 ? May do you want to visit Bandung? So why don’t you plan your trip itinerary in Bandung from now…!!! In the our Bandung travel blog in this page is little information for your Bandung tour package 2017.

bandung tour package 2017

List To Do in Your Bandung Tour Package ?

For some people want to visit Bandung is to get new experience in their life to visit another country or city. Bandung Indonesia  have different culture and natural view compared with other cities in Indonesia, etc. To visit Bandung could be done easy with direct flights to Bandung or by train, own vehicle, etc. Planning trip destination before deciding go to Bandung could be the optional important things to do and you could contact travel agent or tour operator to help you arrange your trip in Bandung base on your preferred places so you could get maximum trip, the sample below are some list to do in Bandung that could be included in your Bandung tour package 2017 beside the destinations you still could visit places of interest nearby tourist attractions.

List To do in Bandung downtown

Shopping places and culinary is the most of the favorite to do at downtown there are many factory outlets that offering things with the main product fashion and apparels. For another favorite place for shopping is Pasar Baru Trade Center where in this place you could bargain it. For another things to do in the downtown are visiting museum and art gallery such us geology museum, selasar sunaryo art space gallery, Nu Art Sculpture that located at border between Bandung city with other city. If you love music you could go to Saung angklung udjo to enjoy traditional live music performance then visiting  historical building that built in colonial dutch could be your destination trip so what the places type that must be included in your Bandung tour package ?

List To do in North Bandung (Lembang Area)

For you that love natural may you want to go to tangkuban perahu volcano where this place is the most favourite destination trip at North Bandung, about 20 minutes from tangkuban perahu volcano you could go to ciater hot spring and while you backward to downtown you could take a rest for while at Lembang tea plantations the enjoy natural landscape then stop at cikole luwak coffee to get little education how to produces coffee luwak. For another places of interest you could go to floating market, deranch, begonia flower garden, farm  house, dusun bambu, cimahi waterfall etc depending time that you have because usually their operational hours not until night. To visit the places you could customize Bandung tour packages with us so what do you plan in your trip itinerary in Bandung on 2017? See the sample itinerary in the front of our website.

List To do in South Bandung (Ciwidey area)

Like in the North Bandung, if you go to South Bandung you could enjoy some places of interest that located in this area. Kawah putih is the best natural tourist attraction at Ciwidey, the main spot located about 5 km and to reach there you could go with public transport or using own vehicle, if using own vehicle you should pay the entrance ticket for car.

Another places of interest nearby kawah putih are glamping lakeside, patenggan lake, kawah rengganis, ciwidey tea plantations, ranca upas deer convension park, ciwalini hot spring pool, etc. For glamping lakeside located at patenggang area where this place is new tourist attractions on 2016. Glamping lakeside offer you beautiful patenggang lake spot from the top of pinisi resto and from the pinis resto you could enjoy some foods & baverage that offering by the restaurant.

Above some  destinations list to do in Bandung for your idea trip itinerary and get our Bandung tour package 2017. We look forward you in Bandung with our services and for more information our Bandung tour package don’t hesitate to contact us.

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