Bandung Tour Package

bandung tour package

Bandung Tour Package Arrangement & Planer

The simple questions before going to Bandung, what to do in Bandung? How many days you will stay? Where do you want to stay? How to get the places of interest in Bandung and surrounding the city?.  Many thing that should be prepared before visiting Bandung furthermore planning trip in Bandung not only think about distance for one point of places of interest to other but also road condition, traffic congestion so you need right arrangement trip to get valuable time holiday in your Bandung trip. There are no hidden cost in our Bandung tour package price and we would inform in advance what are included and excluded in the tour packages, when you book our BANDUNG TOUR PACKAGE you not only could visit the places of interest as in the itinerary but also another places of interest nearby.

bandung tour package

Our Bandung Tour Package

We know sometimes you don’t have much time in Bandung so in the our Bandung Tour Packages you could choose easy base on your time.

1 Day Bandung Tour Package

One day trip in Bandung is the best solution for you that want to visit the most favorites tourist attractions in Bandung while you don’t have much time in Bandung, you could choose one of our tour packages. Here for our 1 day Bandung tour package that could be your choice : 1 Day North Bandung Tour (tangkuban perahu volcano and surrounding), 1 Day South Bandung Tour (kawah putih and surrounding), 1 Day Bandung City Tour or please contact us for customize 1 day Bandung tour package.

2D1N Bandung Tour Package

With this tour package you could enjoy 2 days trip in Bandung for example 1 day trip to tangkuban perahu volcano  and 1 day trip to kawah putih also visiting places of interest a both nearby the tourist attractions. You could customize this tour package easy for example 1 day city tour and 1 day South Bandung Tour, so what do you preferred in tour packages : Nature, Shopping, Culture etc. Please let us we know the location and time to pick up to get the right arrangement trip itinerary.

3D2N Bandung Tour Package

What do you will get in 3 days tour? In this tour package we would help you to arrange trip to North Bandung, South Bandung and City Tour. Further more in the 3D2N Bandung tour package you could visit the most favorites tourist attractions a both North & South Bandung also in Downtown. Please let us we know if there any request in this tour package.

4D3N Bandung Tour Package

This tour package is the most favorite tourists because in this tour package you would get almost complete tour in Bandung to visit the best tourist attractions in North Bandung, South Bandung, Bandung Downtown, in this tour package you could enjoy natural tourist attractions, shopping tour, cultures etc. To get the arrangement trip and price you could complete our Bandung tour package online quotation form.

5D4N Bandung Tour Package

What to do for 5D4N Bandung tour package ? Bandung offer you many places of interest where in this tour package beside nature you could explore more about Bandung from their food, culture, places for shopping etc. Beside in Bandung you could tailor 5D4N Bandung tour package to go outside Bandung (neighbor city) such us Garut, Bogor, Tasikmalaya, etc.

Customize Bandung Tour Packages

If you have own itinerary you could share it with us to get the right arrangement trip and some recommendation to get maximum trip. To customize our Bandung tour package please let us we know what do you want to include in the tour packages (accommodation, transport only, entrance ticket fee, meals or other)?. Beside individual we also could arrange small group, medium group and big group tour in Bandung.

So what do you want to include in our Bandung Tour Packages? Beside transport you could request tour packages in Bandung included hotel for you stay, entrance ticket fee to the tourist attractions, parking, toll road/highway fee, etc depending your request. To get quotation and the best itinerary Bandung tour package could be done easy with filling our request form that could be see in main website menu. And the finally if you have the list places of interest that you want to visit please share with us the date arrival and departing time to get the right arrangement and some recommendation to make your tours going smoothly.


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