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Bandung tour package by Diati Tour – List what to do in Bandung with Diati Tour and Travel Bandung for your Bandung tour package to get the best in Bandung for your flexibility tour, arrange and organize your Bandung tour package to visit places of interest in Bandung Indonesia for your best experiences trips. Where do you want to go in Bandung? Here for the list to do in Bandung for your choice and customize your Bandung tour package with us.

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List To do in Bandung Tour Package (North)

Tourist destination in North Bandung located at Lembang and nearby, there many places to spend your holiday in Bandung so what to do in Bandung (North)

Tangkuban Perahu Volcano

Tangkuban Perahu volcano is the famous in Bandung located at Lembang, many tourist visit this place to see the beautiful crater where for the main destination is Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater).

Ciater Hot Springs

Ciater hot springs also call sari ater located at Subang nearby Tangkuban perahu volcano where in this places you can soak in natural hot springs containing sulfur. There some pools choice for your private hot springs.

DeRanch Lembang

DeRanch Lembang is one of the cowboy-style horse riding, for who want to be horse riders like Coboy this is the place must be visited. Not only horse riding but also another games offering this places.

Taman Bunga Begonia

Taman Bunga Begonia bahasa (Begonia Flower Garden) is of the places to get more knowledge about flowers. You could take pictures and purchase the beautiful flowers in this places.

Floating Market Lembang

Floating market lembang is uniqe market places where the merchants put his wares on a boat, you could hunting traditional Bandung culinary and some typical Bandung accessories there. Beside have beautiful places floating market lembang also provide some games for your kids.

Cihami Waterfall

Cimahi waterfall is one of natural tourist destination in Bandung, the other name is rainbow waterfall where if you lucky you could see the rainbow on the waterfall from the top.

Dusun Bambu Leisure Family Park

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park is an ecotourism with 7E concepts that represent seven aspects of life: Ecology (nature), Education, Economic, Ethnology (culture), Ethics, Esthetics, and Entertainment. By this 7E, Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park becomes a park in the mountain feet that provide education and recreation facilities.

Jendela Alam

Suitable also as a tourist family to get to know nature. Agricultural activities such as planting, breeding, farming and animal husbandry activities, see the activity milking cows, riding ponies, feeding the rabbits, chickens and ducks.

List To do in Bandung Tour Package (South)

Kawah Putih Volcano

Kawah putih located in Ciwidey that offering beautiful crater and unique natural scenery. Not only local tourist but also foreign tourist from Malaysia and Singapore visit this places to see beautiful crater. See more information in our Kawah Putih tour package

Patenggang Lake

Patenggang Lake with other name Patengan Lake where the name is closely related to a legend of romance between Ki Santang dan Dewi Rengganis. Myths until now is anyone who wants a lasting love story then come to Patenggang lake and go to the rock of love then surrounding the Asmara island (Pulau Asmara)

Kawah Rengganis

Kawah Rengganis (Rengganis Crater) is one of new tourist destinations in South Bandung. Comparing with Kawah Putih, Kawah Rengganis have small craters scattered in several places in the area. Mystique will be felt in this place, especially if the weather is cloudy. See more information about Kawah Rengganis.

Ranca Upas (Kampung Ranca Upas)

Ranca upas have a natural beautiful atmosphere especially in the morning. Cheap camping ground and see the stars at the night maybe would be the best options for you that want to have different experiences in Bandung to forget the city activities for while, you could rent a tent, buy firewood for the campfire. Another activities is outbound, swimming, also available deer conservation where you can feed the deer.

Above some to list to do in your Bandung tour package and there other tourist attractions in Bandung could be read in our Bandung travel blog. Bandung tourist destinations located in some places so you should arrange your Bandung tour package to make posibility your holiday time. Design and customize your Bandung tour package with us.

Our Bandung Tour Package

1 Day Bandung tour Package

  1. North Bandung Tour Package
  2. South Bandung Tour Package
  3. Bandung City tour

2D1N Bandung Tour package

  • North and South Bandung Tour package
  • North and Bandung Shopping tour
  • South and Bandung Shopping tour

3D2N Bandung Tour Package

  • Bandung shopping tour, North and South Bandung tour package
  • Bandung city tour, North and South Bandung tour package

4D3N Bandung Tour Package

  • Bandung shopping tour, Bandung city tour, South and North Bandung Tour Package

Customize Bandung tour package

  • Get flexibility tour in Bandung with us

To get best itinerary our Bandung tour package please give your starting tour include Bandung airport arrive and departure if you using flight to Bandung.

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