Frequency Ask Questions

Diati tour & travel Bandung is your family tour partner in Bandung, we understand sometimes there are any questions our tour and travel services. For our first guide you could follow some frequency ask questions below :

What are Diati Tour & Travel? Answer: Diati tour & travel is one group of Diati Shop that design special for tour and travel in Bandung Indonesia.

What are Diati Tour & Travel services ? Answer: Diati tour offer Bandung tour packages and Bandung car rental that would guide you to visit places of interest in Bandung Indonesia.

Why you should choose us? Answer: As your family tour partner, we could arrange and design your Bandung trip with affordable price and best services.

Why you do not show your tour package price? Answer: We want give your flexibility tour in Bandung, so you could customize your trip easy with us. We would help you to arrange you Bandung trip itinerary base on your date or your flight arrival and departure.

Our flight arrival at Jakarta airport, would you pick up us to Jakarta airport? Answer: Of course we could do it for you, so don’t worry to book with us if your flight arrival at Jakarta airport.

What cars type ? Answer: We considering your trips and your bag luggage, we would give you some recommendation for cars type to make your holiday more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to fill completely our online booking form.

How to book ? Answer: The simple way by completely our online booking form after that we would send the price, itinerary, payment methods to your email.

Are deposit required ? Answer: Not all our services required deposit, deposit required depending the tour package that included in your trip . You could see in our quotation that sent to your email.

Could we customize tour packages ? Answer: Yes

Could Diati Tour help to book hotels/accommodation for our tour ? Answer: Yes. You could book hotel self or booking from us. To booking self the best hotel in Bandung Indonesia you could check hotel rate with filling date, using form below. If you lucky you would get the best hotel deals in Bandung.

Are there alternative booking ? Answer: Yes, for alternative booking and another question could be done easy with contact us to email diatitour@diatifasya.com or sms/whatsapp +6281320456452

What are another products? Answer: Open our website www.diatifasya.com and www.ragambudaya.com

Furthermore if you have any questions or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. Diati Tour & Travel is your family trip in Bandung Indonesia, we are looking forward to welcome in Bandung Indonesia.