Floating Market Lembang Bandung

Floating Market Lembang Bandung Indonesia

Floating Market Lembang Bandung – Are looking for nice place and fun for family in Bandung or just hang out with your friend? Don’t miss it the place especially if you children. On the weekend many people visit this place to spend their holiday if you want to spacious area you could visit this place on weekday further more if use our Bandung tour package you could ask our driver to take you there.

floating market lembang bandung

Floating market lembang Bandung location

Address : Jl. Grand Hotel No. 33 E, Lembang, Bandung

Open hours :

Weekday: From 09.00 to 17.00 Wib

Weekend : From 09.00 to 20.00 Wib

Entrance ticket Fee :

Tourist IDR 15.000

Car IDR 10.000

Free welcome drink

What to do in Floating market lembang Bandung ?

Floating market lembang Bandung Indonesia is built on the lake that unique and different concept comparing with other places in Bandung. Stalls placed on the small boats that offer various traditional foods and souvenir, you should convert you money to coin that provide by them to buy. Another activities such playing boot, feeding rabbits and birds, take pictures and more.

Floating market Lembang Bandung have beautiful scenery with many spot then don’t forget to bring your camera before visited If you want to enjoy the atmosphere you could visit floating market lembang Bandung on weekday then if you using our Bandung tour package you could visit tourist attractions nearby floating market lembang bandung too, bookmark our Bandung travel blog to get update about Bandung tourism. Happy holiday in Bandung Indonesia

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