Holiday in Bandung Indonesia

Holiday in Bandung Indonesia

Holiday in Bandung Indonesia – Where are you spending your holidays? If you want to spend your holiday in Bandung Indonesia you could contact us as your family tours in Bandung. Talking about Bandung was no end, the bustle of the city are always crowded, especially on weekends. Beside locals there are many tourist outside Bandung to spend their holidays with their families or friends, there are many things to do in Bandung and arrounding the the city. To visit Bandung could be done easy with public transportation such flights, bus and train or using your own vehicle. To visit tourist attractions surrounding the city could use public transportation or using travel agent and for the best choice depending on you, if like adventure and want to have exciting and unique experience maybe using public transportation could be the best your choice but you need more time to stay in Bandung. Furthermore to arrange your holiday in Bandung Indonesia you could contact us to get quotations.

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Holiday in Bandung Indonesia to do ?

Shopping and culinary are the most popular to do in Bandung Indonesia, not only local tourists but also many foreign tourist visit Bandung to spend their holiday for shopping and enjoy a variety delicious food. In Bandung you could hunting textile, apparel and accessories, many tourist from malaysia visit Bandung hunting the items, if you lucky maybe you would get original leather or branded fashion with cheap price. In the Bandung city beside shopping you could visit Bandung museum, zoo, traditional live music performance, historical building that were built in the Dutch colonial era. Another place that must be visit is Trans Studio Bandung as the biggest indoor them park in Bandung.

Wonderful natural tourist attractions for your holiday in Bandung Indonesia, for another activities to do in Bandung Indonesia are visiting natural tourist attractions. The most famous tourist destination are Tangkuban Perahu that located at North Bandung and Kawah Putih volcano that located in South Bandung, in addition you could enjoy tourist attractions nearby the locations.

Tour and travel in Bandung Indonesia, Diati tour is one of tour and travel in Bandung that offering Bandung tour package to serve you to reach the tourist destinations in Bandung. Beside transportation you could booking hotels in Bandung from us furthermore as your family tour in Bandung we hope we could serve your holiday in Bandung Indonesia with the best services and affordable and reasonable price.

Holiday in Bandung Indonesia in Diati Tour

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