Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung

Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung

Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung – Where is the best one stop for shopping in Bandung? Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung would answer your questions, get the best experience shopping in Bandung with your bargain skill. Pasar Baru Bandung offer lot of things for to satisfy your Bandung shopping tour, not only local tourist from other cities that coming to Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung but also some foreign tourist spend their holiday for shopping in this place such us from Singapore and Malaysia.

pasar baru trade center bandung

Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung Location

Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung located at Jl. Otto Iskandardinata Bandung, see in Pasar Baru Bandung Map below:

How to get Pasar Baru Bandung?

From Bandung rail station you could walk by passing Jalan Suniaraja (Suniaraja Street), if you are already in Bandung you could use public transportation or taxi.

Inside of Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung

Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung or Pasar Baru Bandung offer you many textile, fashion and accessories especially for muslim clothing. Pasar Baru Trade Center build is modern market with facilities such us ATM, Bank, Money Exchange, Mushola, Foodcourt, Toilet etc. Many malaysian tourist visit Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung for hunting cheap lace, telekung, scarft, textile, baju kurung and some souvenirs there. What is Pasar Baru Trade Center offer?

  • Fabric or textile : you could hunting many various fabrics such us silk, cotton, batik fabric, wool, tulle, lace, satin and more fabric.
  • Ready to wear clothing : there are many read to wear clothing from baby clothing until adult, ready to wear muslim clothing, denim, tshirt and more clothing for your shopping options.
  • Women accessories such us scarf, bracelet, rings, purses, hair tie etc
  • For your home Pasar Baru Trade center Bandung also offering bedsheet, bedcover, blanket, carpet and more things for your home decoration and accessories.
  • Souvenirs, bag, handbag and more items could be found in Pasar Baru Bandung

Shopping in Pasar Baru Trade Center beside need skill to bargain to get the cheapest goods. As the biggest wholesale trade center in Bandung could be the best destination shopping tour in Bandung.

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