Shopping in Bandung

shopping in bandung

Shopping in Bandung Indonesia

Shopping In Bandung Indonesia – Many people come to Bandung for Shopping, not only local but also many malaysian tourist spend their holiday in Bandung for shopping. Why should shopping in Bandung ? Some tourist said the reason shopping in Bandung is to get cheap and affordable price especially in apparels and accessories. In Bandung you could hunting a both local and branded fashion, textile, batik, telekung/mukena, hijab and more muslim fashion etc furthermore there are some shopping places in Bandung that could be bargain such as in Pasar Baru Bandung, Cihampelas Denim, Cibaduyut leather market that not listed in here but ifyou are not expert in bargain there retail shopping outlets for you such us at factory outlets that located at several areas in Bandung.

shopping in bandung

Places for Shopping in Bandung

Pasar Baru Baru Bandung

Pasar Baru Bandung is the famous shopping places in Bandung for retail and groceries or wholesale in Bandung, located at Otto Iskandar street where in Pasar Baru Bandung you could bargain the items. There are many shopping outlets and various items, you could hunting baju kurung, hijab/shejab, textile, batik, mukena/telekung, bedsheet & bedcover, accessories, bags and more items there. The best time for shopping is in the morning and in weekday where the sitution not too crowded comparing in the day so you could move from one outlets to others more easier.

Cibaduyut leather market

If you looking for leather accessories, you could go to this place. You could hunting affordable price for original leather in here. You could hunting shoes, jackets, handbags etc where the the materials from leather, if you looking for leather jacket there are two type leather materials of jacket from leather of cow (sapi/lembu) and sheep (domba/biri-biri) and for jacket from sheep/biri-biri more smothly than from cow leather (kulit lembu/sapi). You could ask jaket kulit domba atau kulit sapi to the seller.

Bandung factory outlets

Factory outlets in Bandung located in several places, you could go to Riau street area, Dago (Ir H Juanda) Street area, Setiabudi area. Another places you could go to Ahmad Yani street area, in Ahmad yani area you could original jeans and textile.

Cihampelas Denim Street

Cihampleas denim located at Cihampelas street so if you want to hang out you could go to the Cihampelas walk then go down the Cihampelas street to get cheap denim in Bandung.

Bandung shopping mall

Shopping mall in Bandung located in several places, for the famous Bandung shopping mall such us Paris Van Java Mall that located at Sukajadi street, Bandung indah plaza mall that located at Merdeka Street and this is the first mall in Bandung, Trans Studio Mall located at Gatos Subroto Street where in this places beside visiting mall you could go to trans studio indoor theme park.

Another shopping place in Bandung

For alternative shopping in Bandung you could go to ITC kebun kelapa, BTC that located at Dr Djunjunan Street. For textile you could go to Cigonewah, Tamim and Dulatif.

Bandung not only the best for hunting cheap and affordable price but also offering delicious foods. To visiting shopping places in Bandung could be done easy with public transportation such us angkot (angkutan kota) or using own vehicle. Another alternative you could use travel agent in Bandung for your transportation during shopping in Bandung Indonesia. Furthermore we are looking forward you in Bandung with our Bandung shopping tour packages to visiting shopping places in Bandung.

Shopping in Bandung Packages

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