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Trip to Bandung – Many people want to enjoy their holiday in Bandung Indonesia, not only local but also foreign. Especially foreign tourist who want to spend their holiday in Bandung Indonesia, preparing holiday is one importance things to make your holiday could run smoothly and comfortable so you could every your Bandung trip itinerary. You could find information about Bandung Indonesia from internet or friend and family who had ever in Bandung as your reference to know about Bandung life, culture, places of interest in Bandung. You could arrange trip to Bandung alone and then looking for Bandung travel agent to that would help you to visit places of interest in Bandung but for backpacker you should have knowledge about Bandung and public transportation route in Bandung and maybe you should prepare more carefully.

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Preparing Trip To Bandung

If you are be Bandung trip planner in your group or alone, here tips for you.

  • Preparing budget trip to Bandung , how to calculated? Choose accommodation for you stay (budget hotel, star-1 hotel up to star-5 hotel) and how long you would be stay (1 night, 2 nights, 3 nights or more), how many people in your tour (adult and infant/children)?, how much money that allocated for shopping?, how many places that want to visit (things about entrance ticket)?, preparing budget for meals for example 1 day 3 x, preparing transportation (flight/bus/train ticket, airport tax, car rental)
  • Hunting cheap flights ticket to Bandung, you could searching on internet and if you lucky you would be get cheap flight ticket to Bandung, only if you want to trip to Bandung with the flights.
  • Choose Bandung travel agent. There are many Bandung travel agent as your choice, choose the one that you believe. You could hire Diati Tour and Travel Bandung as your partner and family tour in Bandung that help you to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Bandung. In Diati tour and travel Bandung you are allowed to booking with or without accommodation furthermore beside travel agent in Bandung you could shopping at online store to get high quality muslim fashion brand.

Above some litle tips for you as Bandung trip planner in your group or alone before visiting Bandung. Happy holiday in Bandung and we hope your trip to Bandung would be fun.

Trip To Bandung Tips

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